About me

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 I have a hunger for living a life a little less ordinary, seeking the wilder side of life wherever we are.
I am a chef, a writer, a mother and as near to a grown up as I can be for now.
I was blessed with a happy childhood with lots of outdoor freedom and plenty of chances to be reckless and wild in the plains of Kenya, the hills of Nepal, the mud of Wales, and the fields of England.
I have travelled and worked all over the world in a variety of jobs, budgets and styles, and have not wanted to stop since having kids.
Marlon and Maisie were born in Devon, England, our home for the last 10 years, but we have taken time out (involving various school negotiations!) to travel together.
I did these journeys alone as a single parent, but now we travel as a family of four, with my partner Kian. We all share a passion for nature, life outdoors, and good food – homegrown, foraged or bought.
Happy family and the Duke
I want my kids to have a sense of wild, to enjoy freedom and nature and to grow as world citizens. I know it is possible to find adventure wherever we are, whether in a small English town or out on the African plains.
In May 2013 I decided to move out of our Devon cottage, rent it out, and live in a caravan in order to save money for a year of travelling. In July 2014 we set off for 6 months in Tonga, working as a chef and home schooling on this remote island in the South Pacific, then spending 3 months travelling with an old car and trailer tent through New Zealand, and lastly 2 months based in Vietnam. Heat, Play, Eat I guess.
Now my itchy feet are looking for a home! We are not sure where in the world we will end up or where we will call home, but I hope it will feed us with enough beauty, challenges, freedom and fun to make us all happy.
This is not a travel blog, a food blog or a parenting blog. IF I can help in any way with any of those subjects (just maybe) please feel free to contact me…
This is an irregular selection of ramblings on my life with kids, adventures abroad, tasty food, being wild hungry, and other thoughts that fit with this tenuous, wide and delicious theme.
If you’re keen to keep up to date on where we are or what we’re at please do subscribe to my mailing list. You’ll get my latest post and nothing else I promise!  

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