Fire, Friends and Elderflower fritters

We are lucky to have a lot of elders in our garden & lane. I adore the flowers of this magic little tree, the scent and light flowery taste is so evocative of happy warm days. A favourite summer treat for us are Elderflower fritters. They are to me the taste of summer. We shared our little feast this evening with dear friend Emsie P and her beautiful 3 kids. We have known each quite a while and shared many happy times skinny dipping & sleeping by the river Dart and cooking up camp fire feasts. 


I know a lot of people think these fritters are just soggy greasy nasty things, and not the natures candy-floss yumminess that we love…BUT I reckon that’s cos they must be doing it wrong! The secret is keeping the batter light, using hot sunflower oil (never olive), and trying to keep as much pollen on the flowers as possible (whilst still shaking off as many bugs as possible – its not bush tucker we’re after).

Pick the elderflower gently keeping a long stalk on the head so the kids can hold it, dunk it in the batter and drop it safely into the hot pan of oil.
Make a tempura style batter rather than a heavy egg batter; use sieved flour, 50:50 plain and cornflour, and mix in sparkling spring water.


When its the runniness of pancake batter its ready to have the elderflower heads dunked in and then swiftly transferred to the hot oil.

This is a magic moment. Limp & dripping flowers sizzle and puff out like spanish dancers in frothy skirts.


Let them bubble for just a couple of minutes, then, when nearly golden, whip them out, shake off excess oil and dunk in a bit of caster sugar.

So so good, and seriously addictive. Luckily they are plentiful in town and country, but the season is short, so make the most of it.

For the full recipe see the link at the bottom of the page!




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