Dampers - Bread on a Stick!
Have a go at making dampers anytime you have a fire outside and need a simple snack, but not if you’re in a hurry... Kids love making these and so do I.
  1. 500g Self-Raising Flour – mix of wholemeal and plain
  2. Dash Olive Oil
  3. pinch salt
  4. water to mix
  1. Mix flour with oil and salt in a bowl and add water until you have a not too sticky dough, about 300 – 500ml will do it. It should come together in one smooth lump.
  2. Next everyone needs to find a stick. The ideal stick is long enough to hold over a fire without having to go too close, and thick enough to make a nice hollow inside, like the thickness of a sausage.
  3. Take a piece of dough and stretch it out to a long thin sausage shape, then wrap it firmly around your stick and mold it together.
  4. Hold it over the fire – ideally hot glowing embers, not flames that will blacken – and patiently cook your damper. It will be golden brown and hard when ready.
  5. Ease it off the stick (kids will need help or a tea towel - its hot!) and eat it warm and yummy with your favourite filling.
  6. We love putting veggie frankfurters inside or marmite, butter and cheese, or butter and jam.
  1. This is such an easy thing to bring camping, and the kids always love making them when they need a snack. Have fun!
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