Marlon’s 10th birthday



I find it hard to believe I’ve been a mother for 10 years. What a long journey, the most life changing ever.
 So sad to hear from Sarah that Gail has died now. She was a lovely woman who put up a brave fight to cancer. She was determined to stay active and keep making memories for her sons. She tragically leaves 2 young boys behind. My heart goes out to them and I think of the amazing small community of Ashburton. It’s at times like these that you appreciate how supportive a place like that can be. I am missing it, and appreciating it, as I knew I would when away from it.

 Death of a friend of course always pushes us again to reassess our own lives. I may have dissatisfaction on various levels, not knowing my future plans, not being a high achiever or finding the right career, but being here, I am sure is a good thing. This is creating a memory for Marlon aged 10 that he’ll never forget, it gives him a taste of a free life that may impact on his future life choices. We don’t know where we will be this time next year and we don’t have much financial security, but I’d rather be here wondering, than grumbling in rainy England and wishing I was somewhere else.   


Marlon’s 10th birthday was a very happy occassion, I love birthdays, and I love kids parties.

We had a pancake birthday breakfast – see recipe link below – followed by a trip out to goat island (the uninhabited one across the lagoon) for snorkelling and making dampers hot dogs on the fire. Fun but totally crazy huddled sweating round a camp fire with a harsh blazing sun! We left them to kayak their own way back as Kian and I set up the challenge trail & birthday tea. We’ve had fun writing silly rhyming clues, the first of which was found in his fishy birthday cake, with challenges involving kayaking, swimming, shooting at tin cans, finding hidden treasure, attacking Kian the ‘island freak’ and finishing with a piñata. (Relieved the last minute paper maché dries a lot quicker than it would at home).



The day finished with Boris’s really yummy pizza as requested by the birthday boy, games of kick the can & poker, and another big surprise; K & B invited us to stay in the beach house for the weekend.
It’s so stunning here, hanging over the lagoon, the sound of the waves permeates everything. This is their main source of income and rents for a minimum of £280 per night, so good  to see what the guests had been experiencing. I am so appreciating the luxury of power, electric lights, large indoor space and showers. At around 10pm the tide was high and we all went for a frolic and gamble in the waves. Loved being together just us having fun. Gave Marlon good watery birthday bumps as the bright moon shone like a head lamp behind the trees. A lovely end to an epic day. He was delighted to catch 2 large Mahi Mahi and they also saw 4 sperm whales in the distance.



 Seeing the large colour changing fish with their odd high bony foreheads now curled up dead in the ice box makes me feel a little sad. I love eating fish but more and more question whether I can or should. Anyway I’m so pleased for Marlon that he has enjoyed his day out and that he showed patience and strength. As I write this I am sitting on the beach house balcony watching a large predatory fish, maybe a blue Trevally, jump and chase some smaller fish, reminding me we are all part of a chain, hunters and hunted.



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  1. Yet another inspiring post Susie….. you may not be a "high achiever" in terms of career but you are most certainly the highest of high achievers when it comes to adventure, and fun, and parties and risk taking and just really living life to the full… that, i'm sure, most career ladder climbers would swap with you in an instant! x

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